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Progetto Arte Poli

Supporting structures

Albano Poli

Supporting structures

The ability to create supporting structures is paramount to the successful history of Progetto Arte Poli studio. In fact, the importance of the supporting structures was born from the creation of artistic stained glass windows that gave rise to the workshop in the 50s of the last century. Over time with the introduction of other techniques and workers, the workshop equipped itself with new machines and employed professionals capable of studying and determining the necessary structures for each type of artwork.

The importance of work support structure is vital part of the successful creation of an artifact which is particularly true in the case of artistic stained glass windows. However, structual support is found, at different levels of integration, for every piece of artwork created. A structure that was born in unison with the artistic piece is a basic value to ensure the quality of the work and is reflected in the artworks ability to last over time.

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