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Our design department is made up of several professionals at your disposal to develop the project that will give life to your idea. The different professionals designers, engineers, technicians and architects at Progetto Arte Poli studio encompass unique design groups based on the nature of the work to be carried out. This method of varying design groups is consistent with the application of the uniqueness of each creation which respects the typology of the different artifacts being created.

In this phase, the dialogue with the customer or with external designers is fundamental. We proceed with the creation of different sketches, until we identify the most suitable solution for each element. During the design phase of each project, consideration is given the unique nature of each artpiece, the materials to be used, the project schedule needs of the client, the character of the place where the artwork is to be installed, and the type of client - public or private for which artworks are created.

The contiguity between the design department and the artisan and artistic workers of our laboratory is an extraordinary value for the realization of the desired quality of each artwork. The constant dialogue between designers and master craftsmen, guarantees an efficient process for creating art work which is a distinctive character of Progetto Arte Poli studio which then contributes to the studio's constant growth in design and professional standing in the industry.

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