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Profilo Dante Alighieri

A new Dante for Verona

"In addition to being a tribute to the figure of Dante, this piece is our way of defining the memory of the stages that led to the creation of this work, the meaning and importance it has not only for the client but also for the artist and for Progetto Arte Poli in its entirety. A unique opportunity to understand that even nowadays Dante continues to be an example of Christian faith and not only a passion for the philosophical, political and literary thought."

Paolo Poli
Progetto Arte Poli owner Acquista nello store
The new sculpture made by Master Albano Poli for the city of Verona celebrates the limitless value of Dante Alighieri’s work. With this first piece of the series of I Miliari, Progetto Arte Poli inaugurates a journey of witnessing of its own artworks: from the study of Dante’s iconography to the different design stages which has involved scholars, clients and clergy, from the process of carrying out the artwork in bronze to the choice of crowning the statue with a real action which involved the local community. A book to return to reflect on the spirituality and on the research values, in order to fully rediscover them in terms of solidity and permanence of the sculptural art.
Profilo Dante Alighieri
Profilo Dante Alighieri
“For Dante, Verona was almost an adoptive homeland, he moved into the family bought house there, had property and citizenship; Most, if not all of his immortal poem was composed in Verona. Verona has always been a focal point for European and international cultural exchanges and for this reason it interprets in the most meaningful and opportune way the mission statement of the Association: "To spread the Italian language and culture" “.

Maria Maddalena Buoninconti
President of Dante Alighieri Society
Committee of Verona

“…all of this would not have been possible without my collaborators, whose love for beauty and craftsmanship have enabled us to worthily depict the man who has bestowed up all mankind, his most important work: supreme in poetry, in faith and in philosophy”

Albano Poli

“Therefore, Master Albano Poli’s intention was to engrave a summary of the Divine Comedy. The objective of this very original solution is evident. (...) The monument is placed with its feet on the ground, at the same level as the passers by and in contact with people, not distanced by a pedestal. He is there to welcome anyone who passes by, inviting each visitor to self reflect in His Divine Comedy.”

Mons. Giuseppe Zenti
Vescovo di Verona

“To know Dante is to enter in some way into the infinite. That of knowledge and that of transcendence. This is why every initiative that takes us into the world of Dante and his works, rather than a cultural investigation, resembles a pilgrimage to the Light (…)”.

Mons. Bruno Fasani
Prefect of the Capitol Library of Verona

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