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Albano Poli
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Progetto Arte Poli - headquartersTHE RENAISSANCE IN OPERA: Progetto Arte Poli is a studio inspired by the Renaissance workshops, where still today as in the past, different techniques coexist and intertwine for the creation of unique works. The studio creates an aray of artwork such as artistic stained glass windows, mosaic art, fresco paintings, sculpture, and wrought iron restoration. Each work of art is the result of a skilled master craftsmen, artist, designer or technician. Visiting the laboratory is an extraordinary experience, a small journey through time. Here you can discover ancient values that remain unsurpassed in the field of art work. Each work is filled with manual skill, dedication, patience and passion.
Il rinascimento in opera
The renaissance in opera.
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Founder and artist

Albano Poli founded Progetto Arte Poli after finishing the Art School in Verona. He started making stained glass windows in a small workshop inside a prestigious historical palace in downtown Verona. The business developed quickly thanks to his talent and he integrated the production of stained glass windows with mosaics, frescoes, sculptures, wrought iron works and other materials that are part of the Italian art tradition. Passion, experience, traditional techniques, high quality materials: this is what characterizes all artworks made in the workshop and generally speaking, this is our Italian heritage.
Albano Poli , artista e fondatore Progetto Arte Poli Albano Poli , artist


Artistic glass windows

Artistic glass windows



Painting / Frescos


Bronze works


Wrought iron works

Wrought iron

Sculpture of stone


Design of works of art


Restoration works


Construction and design of supporting structures

Supporting structures

Contact us
Progetto Arte Poli Srl P.I. 02979060239
Via Bresciana, 67b 37139 Verona - Italy