In the center of Rome, near St.Peter’s Basilica, there is Arte Poli Gallery, where people have the opportunity to look at examples of some creations by Albano Poli and his workshop.

“To look” at a work means to appreciate its beauty, its meaning and understand how it was made.
Each creation is the final result of manual ability, sensibility and experience: values getting more and more precious and rare in our modern world.

Even if the gallery is smaller than the workshop, it can convey the idea that in Albano Poli’s workshop the making of a artwork is the starting point for making another art piece. It is the continuous evolution of the experience, the manuality, the talent and the artistic sensitivity of the Artist, his will and need of growing, improving and deepen his knowledge.

Several events corcerning Liturgical Art are organized periodically in the gallery. Since 2013 the gallery is also the Italian exclusive sales point of Slabbinck liturgical vestments and of the limited edition chasubles collection designed by Albano Poli.