Albano Poli was born in Verona on 2nd August 1935. He attends in his youth the Napoleone Nani Art School in Verona, run by Maestro Pino Casarini. Further to Casarini’s suggestion, he starts with the creation of artistic glass windows in a small antique workshop in Verona downtown. While in the beginning he works on the restoration or reproduction of church windows, he soon combines his artistic skills with his creative genius and starts designing his own windows.

His artistic works are immediately appreciated by the Italian artistic élite for their uniqueness, the inner search for “preciosity” in colors, materials and working techniques as well as for their abstract style: instead of defined forms and symbolisms, Maestro Albano confers the message through installations of chromatic compositions perfectly blended with the surrounding.

Maestro Albano’s inspiration soon leads him to form a team of professionals and craftspeople sharing his genuine sensitivity. In 1953 he founds the atelier Progetto Arte Poli, the final pronunciation of his poetry by means of all sort of artistic expressions and techniques. The atelier is an authentic “renaissance” workshop where the perfectionist investigative spirit of the Maestro is revealed. Each creation - stained glasses, mosaics, frescoes, renovation projects, bas-relief, full-relief - is a unique jewel in itself.

Throughout his career Maestro Albano has collaborated with most of Italian ecclesiastical and cultural heritage Superintendences. His contributions to the restoration, renovation and renewal of many historical buildings merited mentions and awards: in June 2009 H.E. Cardinal Bertone invested Albano Poli as Knight of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great for his artistic works in The Papal Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls in Rome.

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