The deep experience in the artistic sector has led Progetto Arte Poli studio to take part in the project of the artist Sergio Rodella to create a three-dimensional sculpture depicting the man wrapped in the Shroud. Today Progetto Arte Poli is the only studio authorized to faithfully reproduce this sculpture in different materials thanks to its experience and ability to create works of art by combining traditional manual techniques with the most innovative technologies.

The first faithful copy of the sculpture has been reproduced in plaster for the Maronite Catholic Church in Lebanon and represents the deserved recognition of the great scientific and meticulous work done for over two years.

The scientific method required deep anatomical studies and the development of a particular mould considering that the body was wrapped in the sheet.

Taking into consideration that the body was in close contact with the linen cloth, it was then possible to explain scientifically that some imperfections that can be noticed on the shroud are only the result of an incorrect way of evaluating the shroud.
The Shroud is exposed today as a sheet perfectly stretched and laid on a flat surface, but taking into consideration that it wrapped a body, the most truthful image is achieved through the placement of the cloth over a three-dimensional model that fills the space that surrounded it. We wanted to give dimensions and volumes to that tormented body that was contained in the cloth.
By calculating the whole bone structure of the Man of the Shroud the sculptor has made an iron model with semi-movable parts so that they could be moved and modified according to the studies and the modifications needed during the production phase of the model.
Subsequently, after finding all anatomical proportions, the clay was then applied in order to shape the man in a rigorous manner.

Nowadays the sculpture is the most faithful image of the body wrapped in the Shroud and represents a huge progress in the research and knowledge of the Shroud and what it can reveal about the torture suffered by the body it wrapped.

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