Customer’s request: Making of the side door for the Monument “Cross of the Third Millenium” (Coquimbo, Chile).
The challenges: The biggest challenge was to make a side door which should have both an important meaning (by representing the bound with the community and the country) and at the same time wouldn't diminish the existing main door.
Strategy and Implementation: This door is dedicated to Mary, in particular Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Given the devotion of Chilean people to Our Lady, Master Poli chose to represent a “new Mary”, who could be identified as “Our Lady of Chile”.
Our Lady is holding Jesus and is surrounded by angels. Each one has a scroll with the name of each Chilean regions. The entire country is there and it pays homage to Mary.
The clothing of Mary is opened on the front and it has a double meaning: first of all it is the traditional symbol of maternity, but also represents the outline of the country of Chile.
A dark patina was used to enhance the features of the door: the angels, Our Lady and Chile.
Technical specifications:
The door is composed by a bronze part in the front and a restored wooden part at the back.

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